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We, Mega Mart, were born in 1975 June to upgrade the decrepit distribution industry during 1970s, after endorsing Dongyang Chain Co., Ltd. in Busan, Korea. From the retail store performing purchasing agent and shipping, we have grown to the current form and renamed ourselves, Nongshimga, Co. Ltd. in November, 1981. Since we started company-managed franchise supermarket business, we have been successfully providing better products and services to our customers.

Our grand opening of Myungryun branch in Jongro, Seoul, Korea at 1981 was the milestone of our business. It was the first modernized discounted store in Korea and from which we have been acknowledged as the leading company in the distribution business in Korea. We continuously expanded the business and owned 56 company-managed stores and 1,500 franchises in 1993 already. In 1995, we had another grand opening of Dongrae branch in Busan, Korea and triggered the emergence of the discounted store businesses. Aiming to provide the best discount store to our customers, we changed and expanded Dongrae branch into Mega Mart September 18th, 2001. Ever since, we restlessly opened new branches, such as Eonyang, Choenan, Ulsan, Namcheon, Gimhae, and etc in Korea. Now we are running 17 discount stores, online shopping malls, fashion businesses (Sinsun Dowon Fashion Mall and department store "M" in Chuncheon, Korea), and more than 110 "Spot Marts", the convenient stores specifically targeting various customers' needs in industries and universities.

Under the slogan "better products come faster with more convenience," all the Mega Mart branches in the US, including the Atlanta branch, are continuously dedicating to our valuable customers.

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