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sub51_img01.png Fill in the application before shopping!
Get more benefits!
About Mega Family card.
There are countless benefits in signing up for your personal MEGA FAMILY CARD today!
If you become a Mega Family Card member, you can receive special offers and weekly ads via email.
This is a membership point card to return some of the profits to customers who use Mega Mart.
How to Register?
• Registration is absolutely free with no annual fees.

• You can get it issued right away if you register at the customer service center
   when you visit Mega Mart store.

• After you get issued, install Mega Mart membership APP,
   register your point card number, and you can always use it conveniently
   without a card.
How to Earn / Use Points?
• Redeem your reward points (1,000 Mega Points are equal to $10)
   Earn your points! ($1 = 1 Mega Point)

• If you collect 10 Mega Coupon stamps, you can earn 500 points.
   ※ What is Mega Coupon? You can get a stamp for purchases over $50.
    - Only receive the stamp once a day.
    - Only receipt on the day of purchase is valid.

• Mega Mart points can be used in stores with more than 1,000 points.

• The accumulated points will be marked on the receipt after purchase
   and can be found in the Mega Mart app.

• Points will be automatically deducted when returning, exchanging, or refunded.
   Online shopping mall payments are not included
   in the point accumulation criteria.

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